Welcome to NOT-A-CON!

For those that haven’t played an Epic before, an Epic is a D&D event in which multiple tables at the same location are all simultaneously running the same adventure. Each table (as always, a DM and 3-7 players) has its own task within the adventure, and the actions of each table affect the other tables.

For example, if one table sounds off an alarm in a dungeon, that alarm would be sounding off in that same Dungeon for all tables, affecting the adventure accordingly. In addition, this allows tables to help one another when needed.

An Epic allows for a great large-scale D&D experience for all adventurers.

This is a convention for everyone, especially for those who, for whatever reason, can’t or don’t attend regular Consventions. We want to make everyone comfortable and welcome, first and foremost. The goal is to keep table density low, so if there is a lot of interest there may be more than one location.

When’s the next epic?

The next Epic will be scheduled once the Season 8 Adventurers League material is released. We anticipate this occuring in late June – Early July 2018.